About Us

Global One Consulting was formed by Patrick Dang originally from South Africa with experience gained across a multifaceted group of companies. Over the past 26 years Patrick Dang has developed a wealth of experience as a National Marketing Director and a National Sales Director with wholesale and retail chains to becoming Vice President for Marketing and Product Development for Sprott-Shaw Community College in Canada over the past 12 years.

During his tenure at Sprott-Shaw Community College Patrick Dang was responsible for Marketing and Sales including the creation of new business opportunities for international licensing and franchising across the world. Through his vision and direction the college enjoyed unprecedented levels of growth and expansion culminating in the benefits of growth in sales, revenues and profits alike. In fact, performances increased exponentially between 18% and 30% per annum. Patrick Dang personally directed the drive for international development, growth and expansion of the college leading to licenses and franchises being established in countries like Jordan in the Middle East, India, Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, Beijing, Shanghai and Guang Dong Provinces in China.

With his vast experience in creative marketing concepts, sales techniques, negotiation skills, creative writing for media, project management not mention his academic accomplishments as a Business Administration and Economics graduate, Patrick Dang brings with him a solid track record for success and opportunities for growth.
With a talented team of individuals for creative writing, graphics, design, project management and coaching the team at Global One Consulting promises you a world class experience in developing your company's marketing and sales campaigns, strategies and goals.